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The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) is the government agency that manages Swedish student finance, i.e. grants and loans for studies. We also manage driving licence loans and home equipment loans. You can find out more about the various finance options here. The information in English is of a general nature.

Information in English and other languages

We provide information about our various forms of grants and loans in different languages. Quite a lot of information has been translated into English. The most important information has been translated into other languages, such as Arabic, Spanish, etc.

Student finance – grants and loans for studies

There are various kinds of student finance, depending on what you are studying and how old you are. Here are the most common ones:

Study allowance – grant for those studying at upper secondary school and aged 20 or younger

If you are studying at upper secondary school you can obtain a study allowance up to and including the spring term in which you reach the age of 20. The study allowance consists of different grants, for example student grant and supplementary allowance. The supplementary allowance is a grant that you can apply for if your family has a low income.

Study allowance for studies in Sweden

Study allowance for studies outside Sweden

Student grants and loans

Student funding consists of grants and student loans. You can apply for student grants and loans as of the autumn term in which you reach the age of 20. If you are to study at a post-secondary course, for example at university, you can apply for student grants and loans even if you are below the age of 20. You must repay the student loan.

Student grants and loans for studies in Sweden

Student grants and loans for studies outside Sweden

Repay student loan

Education entry grant – grant for those who are unemployed

The education entry grant is for those who have been unemployed for a long time and need to pursue a compulsory school or upper secondary school course in order to get a job. This is a grant that you can receive for a maximum of 50 weeks if you are studying full time.

Education entry grant

Home equipment loans – for refugees

If you are covered by the municipal refugee resettlement scheme, you can borrow money to buy furniture and other equipment for your home. This can include beds, plates, saucepans and chairs. You may not use for the money for items such as food, a mobile phone or rent for your home. How much you may borrow depends on, among other things, how big your family is and what the home already contains.

The money you borrow must be repaid later. You start to repay the loan two years after receiving the first payment.

Home equipment loans

Driving licence loans – for the unemployed

If you are unemployed, you can borrow money from CSN in order to be able to obtain a Swedish category B driving licence. You may find it easier to get a job if you have a driving licence. To be entitled to the loan, you must be unemployed and aged between 18 and 47. You must also meet certain conditions. You may borrow a maximum of SEK 15,000. You must repay the loan later, even if you have not obtained a driving licence.

Driving licence loans

New arrivals in Sweden - refugee

If you are a refugee or guardian for an unaccompanied minor you find more information under New arrivals in Sweden. The information is available in many languages.

New arrivals in Sweden

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If you are applying for student finance, a home equipment loan or a driving licence loan from CSN, you must provide certain personal information.

Processing of personal data

Information about CSN for foreign schools

Here you can find information about CSN and the financial study support.

Information for foreign schools

Contact us

The information on the English web sites is only of a general nature. If you wish to know more, please contact us at CSN.

Contact us at CSN

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