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Information about the Corona virus

You will be able to keep your student finance even if your school only offer distance learning or is closed due to the coronavirus. If you have difficulties repaying your loan due to the Corona situation, it is possible to postpone or reduce the payment.

If you become ill or need to care for your child

Unable to study due to illness? Or due to having to care for a child that is ill or who cannot be at preschool or school? Then you are obligated to report this.

How to report illness

If you are studying with student grants and loans or an education entry grant in Sweden, you should notify Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) that you are sick. If you are studying abroad, you should notify CSN that you are sick. If your sickness period is approved, you will keep your grants and loans, and your study result requirements will also be lowered. There are also other benefits to reporting your sickness.

If you are studying at upper-secondary level with a study allowance, you should report your sickness to the school (if you study in Sweden) or to CSN (if you study abroad).

Report illness to Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

Report illness to CSN

Read more about the rules that apply while you are sick (in Swedish)

How to report caring for a child

If you cannot study due to you caring for a child, you must report this to CSN. If we approve the care period, you will be allowed to keep your grants and loans from CSN. We can also take the care into consideration the next time we examine your study results. There are other benefits to reporting caring for a child.

Caring for a child includes, for example,

  • your child becoming ill
  • your child having to stay home from preschool or school due to being a suspected carrier of the coronavirus
  • your child’s preschool, school, or after-school centre (“fritids”) has closed some time during the period 25 April 2020 – 30 April 2021 due to the coronavirus
  • if your child has been seriously ill during 2020 - 2021 and should not be exposed to the risk of being infected by the coronavirus, and therefore must stay at home sometime during the period 1 July 2020 – 30 April 2021.

Report caring for a child to CSN

Read more about the rules that apply while you are caring for a child (in Swedish)

If your study results are affected

Next time you apply for student grants and loans, we will check how many credits you have accumulated. If you are short of credits because the school was unable to provide teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, we will take this into consideration. But you must have some form of documentation showing what has happened. This can be a certificate provided by the school, an e-mail from the school, or screenshots of the school’s website.

If you have income

The income limit has been temporarily removed during 2020 for students with grants and loans. This means that your income during this year will not affect the grant and loan amounts that you are entitled to. This includes income you receive from capital and business operations in 2020.

The Government want to extend this period until 30 June 2021. We will return with more information as soon as they have decided on this.

If the start of your studies is postponed

Has your school postponed the start of your studies due to the coronavirus? If you have received a decision from CSN from the original start date, you will still be entitled to student finance from that date, even if teaching at the school has not started by that date.

If you study with grants and loans or an education entry grant, you must submit a study assurance to CSN in order for the money to be paid out to you. You submit your study assurance once the studies were due to start. You can for example do this via Mina sidor (My Pages).

Have you received a study assurance form which the school must also sign?

In some cases, you need to submit your study assurance on a special form that the school normally must also sign. If the start of your studies has been postponed due to the coronavirus, you only need to sign the form yourself.

Make a note in the form that the start of your studies has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Send in the form to CSN along with a document of some kind showing that the start of the studies has been postponed. This can be a certificate or e-mail from the school, or screenshots of the school’s website, showing what has happened.

If your school closes

If you have applied for and received a decision on student finance and your school after that has closed completely or partially due to the coronavirus, you still get to keep your approved student finance from CSN. This also applies if the school can not offer any distance learning or if they only can offer part-time distance learning. You do not have to report such changes to CSN. We continue to pay your student finance as usual.

If you are having difficulty making repayments to CSN

Problems paying a repayment claim

Have you received a repayment claim which you can’t pay? If so, it is best to call us so that we can find a solution together.

Contact CSN

Problems making repayments on your student loan

If your financial situation has changed and you have trouble making repayments on your student loan, there are some measures that you can take.

If your income has dropped causing you to struggle to make repayments, you can apply to pay less for a specified period. This is called a reduction. You can apply for a reduction on Mina sidor. You will be asked to fill in your estimated income during the year, and based on this information, CSN will determine if you are entitled to a reduction. If your income changes again during the year, it is important that you notify us.

Click on the button "Ansök om att betala mindre" to apply to pay less in Mina sidor (in Swedish).

If you lack income, you can apply to pay less due to special circumstances. If this is the case, write to us and explain your financial situation. The easiest way of doing this is via our e-mail form.

If you have a temporary difficulty paying, you can postpone a payment for one month. You can do this on Mina sidor. If you need to postpone a payment for more than one month, you can contact us. The easiest way to do this is by telephone. You can also switch to monthly instead of quarterly payments, if this is helpful.

Click on the button "Flytta fram en betalning" to postpone a payment in Mina sidor (in Swedish).

Click on the button "Ändra till månadsbetalning" to switch to monthly payments in Mina sidor (in Swedish).

Contact CSN

Trouble repaying your home equipment loan

Has the coronavirus affected your income so that you are finding it difficult to repay your home equipment loan? Then you can apply to repay less or nothing at all (deferment) for up to a full calendar year. Contact us for more information about this.

Contact CSN

If you are a foreign national and you or your family member becomes unemployed

If you have Swedish student grants and loans because you are an employee or entrepreneur in Sweden and you become unemployed, please inform CSN. The duty to notify us also applies to persons with Swedish student grants and loans who are a family member of such a person. If the person who becomes unemployed immediately registers as unemployed at Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service), you may still be entitled to Swedish student finance.

Contact CSN

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